Scurry-Rosser Administration Building
10705 South State Highway 34
Scurry, Texas  75158  

Main number 972-452-8823    Fax Number 972-452-8586 

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James Sanders 972-452-8823  Extn: 1000
Superintendent Email James Sanders
Chad Collins 972-452-8823  Extn: 1000
Assistant Superintendent Email Chad Collins
Jenita Taliaferro 972-452-8823  Extn: 1000
Superintendent's Secretary Email Jenita Taliaferro
Cindy Wiedemann 972-452-8823  Extn: 1002
Business Manager Email Cindy Wiedemann
Gail Crow 972-452-8823  Extn: 1007
Director of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Email Gail Crow
Jeff Cleveland 972-452-8823  Extn: 1109
Athletic Director Email Jeff Cleveland
Diane Coursey 972-452-8823  Extn: 1008
Secretary to Asst. Superintendent and Athletic Director Email Diane Coursey
Chandra Babovec 972-452-8823  Extn: 1050
Director of Nutrition Services Email Chandra Babovec
Heather Jestis 972-452-8823  Extn: 1204
Director of Special Programs Email Heather Jestis
Ronda Ehrenberger 972-452-8823  Extn: 1215
Special Programs Secretary Email Ronda Ehrenberger
Mark Sampson 972-452-8823  Extn: 1010
Director of Technology Email Mark Sampson
Erik Scott 972-452-8823  Extn: 1016
Director of Operations and Safety Email Erik Scott