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SRES Pre-K Family Engagement Plan
Scurry-Rosser Elementary School
Posted On: Friday, September 14, 2018

The Scurry-Rosser Elementary School Pre-K Family Engagement Plan is a comprehensive plan that will help develop a meaningful partnership to meet the needs of the Pre-K families, school, and community.  Our goal is to welcome parents and their contributions to our campus.  Family engagement is the mutual responsibility of families, school and communities which builds relationships to support student learning and achievement.  Family engagement also helps support family well-being, family-student relationships and ongoing learning and development of children, families, and educators.  It is fully integrated in the child’s educational experiences and supports the whole child and is both culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate.

The following goals will address the six components and strategies of a Family Engagement Plan:

·      Facilitate family to family support

·      Establish a network of community resources

·      Increase family participation in decision making

·      Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning

·      Develop staff skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children’s learning benchmarks

·      Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement


See attachment for full plan

Document: SRISD_Pre-K_Family_Engagement_Plan-2.pdf

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