• Welcome to Scurry-Rosser Middle School

    Home of the Wildcats



    Mission Statement

    Our purpose is to enable students to pursue excellence, to be competitive

    in the workplace and in institutions of higher learning, and to make sound,

    informed, ethical decision both now and during their future lives.



    Scurry-Rosser Middle School will provide a safe and structured learning environment

    for all students.  We strive to develop students intellectually, physically, and emotionally,

    and to instill values and character.  We commit to creating well-thought-out classroom

    experiences that invite students into an engaging and relevant learning process.

    This will be a school that honors effort, appreciates diversity, and understands

    the varying definitions of success.  We will be teachers and models for students as

    they grow in wisdom and maturity and move toward success in life beyond the

    school.  We believe that all of these things will mold students to be lifelong

    learners and positive, responsible, contributing members of society.