• Welcome to Scurry-Rosser Middle School

    Home of the Wildcats



    Mission Statement

    Our purpose is to enable students to pursue excellence, to be competitive

    in the workplace and in institutions of higher learning, and to make sound,

    informed, ethical decisions both now and during their future lives.



    Scurry-Rosser Middle School will provide a safe and structured learning environment

    for all students.  We embrace diversity, strive for equity, and believe in uncompromising integrity.

    We commit to creating fun and collaborative learning that will develop critical thinking and

    allow students to enjoy their journey. Our goal is for students to discover their potential,

    recognize their value and understand the impact they have on the world around them.

    This is a school that respects the growth of the whole child,

    the mind as well as the social and emotional health of each and every student. 

    We believe that love and acceptance leads to successful, responsible, and respectful members of society.