Welcome to Scurry-Rosser High School


    Mission Statement

    SCURRY-ROSSER ISD Mission Statement
    Our purpose is to provide students with the desire and the skills to pursue excellence, to be competitive in the workplace and in institutions of higher
    education, and to make responsible, informed, ethical decisions both now and during their future lives.


    To prepare students to think critically and become highly successful in their area of choice
    To provide a foundation in reading, math and writing for all students
    To create an academic culture that promotes competition, rigor, and relevance equipping students with the skills needed to compete in a 21st-century


    Extracurricular programs will be designed to foster student achievement thus supporting their future endeavors
    Extracurricular programs will be designed to instill competitive excellence through comprehensive and varied offerings
    Extracurricular programs will be designed to develop discipline, character, leadership, integrity and a winning attitude in all students.


    To maintain financial solvency and fund balance
    To ensure ample resources are allocated to personnel, student programs, and curriculum
    To utilize tax dollars in a transparent and efficient manner to honor the public trust


    To maintain facilities that are efficient, highly functional and inviting
    To provide facilities that are safe, secure and conducive to learning
    To provide facilities that are sufficient for all student programs and student growth