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Locker Clean Out

Locker / Item Pick Up

Students may begin retrieving personal items from their lockers (including Athletic and PE lockers) beginning Monday, May 11th. Campuses will be open for item pick up Monday through Wednesday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Any items not retrieved by May 21st will be available for pick up by appointment only. Please note that medicine will also be available for pick up from the nurse’s office during this time.

For safety purposes, please be aware that the number of individuals allowed in the building at a time will be limited. There is the potential of a waiting period before you may enter the building. Also, temperatures will be checked before anyone is allowed in the building, and a mask must be worn at all times. Students and parents will need to provide their own mask.

If your student is needing any personal items from a teacher classroom, please call or email the campus office prior to pick up so we can make arrangements. Library books needing to be returned for any campus can be dropped off at the high school library drop box.

Thank you...