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2022 A-F Ratings (Accountability Rating System for Texas Public Schools and Districts)

Accountability Rating System for Texas Public Schools and Districts (2022)

Scurry-Rosser ISD has received an overall score of 87, or a high “B” rating, in the 2022 State Accountability Rating System released by the Texas Education Agency recently. The 2022 A-F Ratings measures the performance of schools in three areas: Student Achievement, School Progress, and Closing the Gaps. The ratings are based predominantly on annual standardized test scores from the STAAR at elementary and middle school and end-of-course exams at high school. Senate Bill (SB) 1385 requires a “Not Rated” label for 2022 unless the district or campus earns an A, B, or C. Scaled numeric scores will be published even if an Overall Rating of “Not Rated” label is applied. It’s been three years since districts and campuses have received a state accountability rating. Given the impact of COVID-19, all districts and schools received a label of “Not rated: Declared State of Disaster” for their 2020 and 2021 accountability ratings. The last year (2019) Scurry-Rosser ISD was rated by TEA we received a rating of 89. The 2022 A-F Ratings are also available to the public on TEA’s website.

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