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UPDATED Security Measures

Be sure to be prepared when picking up a student or visiting our campus.  Anyone picking up a student will need to have their photo I.D., even if we know who you are.  Any time you or someone you designate picks a student up before the school day ends, you will need to exit your vehicle, ring the doorbell and wait for office personnel to retrieve your photo I.D.  Your I.D. will be required every time you visit or pick your child up early.  Once your information has been verified, office personnel will escort your child to the front door and return your photo I.D. Please remain at the doors until you have received your child.  For safety reasons staff will not walk students to a waiting vehicle.  Thank you for your understanding as we continue to put the safety of our littlest wildcats first.  

FRIENDLY REMINDER:  If your child arrives late or leaves early three times in a sem ester, it is counted as an absence.  To receive a "perfect attendance" award for any semester, the student must be on time every day and cannot leave early any day.  


Photo ID Required

Visitors ID Procedure